Champs’ global talent is currently reducing carbon emissions equivalent to 16,000 trees

Champs is committed to reducing carbon emissions through its innovative gig economy model. By enabling over 18,000 members to work from home, avoid traffic, and use their own computers, Champs estimates a potential reduction of 4,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. With nearly 1,000 active independent employees, Champs has already achieved a significant impact, equivalent to planting 16,000 trees."

Remote work has been shown to lead to a 34 percent reduction in food waste, a significant decrease given that food waste accounts for 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. On average, each person wastes about 1.9 kg of food weekly. Champs, with its remote working model and gig economy approach, has the potential to reduce 500 tons of food waste annually through its 18,000 remote workers. If the entire global workforce adopted a similar model, the food saved could feed 800 million undernourished people worldwide."

Worldwide, 40 million tons of electronic waste are generated each year, with 800 laptops discarded every second. This e-waste makes up approximately 70 percent of toxic waste. Many office workers contribute to this issue by using two computers—one for personal use and one for work—significantly increasing e-waste and toxic gas emissions. However, Champs' 18,000-strong workforce ecosystem avoids contributing to this problem by using their own devices for both personal and professional tasks, helping to reduce electronic waste.

“Champs reduces the need for daily commuting with the power of the gig economy”

Champs Co-Founder and CEO Mahir Tüzün stated that “Champs' goals and strategies to reduce carbon emissions include reducing the heavy traffic during commuting and returning hours,” and said "Champs will also reduce traffic due to decreasing traffic in the event of an increase in employment included in the gig economy with remote working models." Remote work offers an important solution to reduce carbon emissions. Our current talents help as if we planted 16,000 trees each year. If we can employ more than 18.000 talents, this will mean planting 160.000 trees annually. By enabling individuals to work remotely or in a decentralized manner, we reduce the need for daily commuting through the power of the gig economy. This leads to less traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions from vehicles and reduced pressure on transportation infrastructure. "In this respect, Champs also contributes to environmental sustainability," he said.

“We produce solutions to reduce carbon emissions”

In addition to that, there are companies selling carbon credits in America, which is one of the countries that produce various solutions for carbon emissions, Mahir Tüzün continued as follows: “Europe is a little further behind due to regulations. In Turkey, there is no law or regulation on this subject. However, within the framework of EU harmonization criteria, it is expected that actions regarding carbon emissions will start to be taken in Turkey. "Champs plays a strong role in our country in this regard with all the benefits and advantages it provides," he said.

Flexible recruitment and training

Mahir Tüzün said, “The most important advantage of the gig economy is to provide its customers with the best experience that can be created for end users by experts in the world, without being obliged to employ any personnel. Nowadays, the issue that corporate companies need most during busy seasons is flexibility. Recruitment and training costs arising from periodic fluctuations in business volume are among the most important reasons for companies to prefer freelance workers. In addition, with this model, Champs offers companies savings opportunities of up to 30 percent in customer service costs. "You don't need to expand the physical contact center because the agents are all working remotely from home, connected to a virtual contact center," he said.

One of the key benefits Champs offers companies is a significant reduction in employee costs. By addressing issues like cost pressures in traditional business processes, profitability challenges for management teams and suppliers, and difficult working conditions for employees, Champs aims to enhance the client experience. During peak periods, Champs supports customer service teams with additional skilled talent, alleviating the burden on company employees. This not only helps brands manage increased demand and customer interactions efficiently but also saves time typically spent on bureaucratic procedures. Ultimately, companies can save up to 30 percent on customer service costs by partnering with Champs.

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