CX Go-To Platform CHAMPS aims to Remotely Employ 50.000 Gig Worker in 2024

CEO Mahir Tüzün: "Gig Economy has grown 110% in the last five years." Champs, which has connected over 18,000 independent workers with more than 50 brands in the past three years, is breaking down international barriers with its gig economy model. Offering services in 13 languages, including English, German, and Spanish, Champs helps clients with customers all over the world overcome language barriers. With 17,500 users in 2023, the company aims to increase this number to 50,000 in 2024.

The remote working model, which gained traction worldwide during the pandemic, has significantly impacted both Turkey and the global economy. Hybrid and flexible working conditions, which boost productivity by saving time and energy, are becoming more widespread. Over 80 percent of companies now embrace the flexible working model. Champs, dedicated to remote services, fosters a business environment where all stakeholders benefit from a win-win ecosystem.

"We Will Be One of the Strongest Players in the European Market"

Mahir Tüzün highlighted that the gig economy market has grown by 110 percent in the last five years, increasing its market value from $88.89 billion to $117.28 billion. This growth is expected to continue exponentially through 2027. The customer services sector alone has reached a market value of $2.5 billion and is projected to grow to $13 billion by 2025. Champs aims to capitalize on this rapidly expanding market, strengthen its international presence, and become a key player in Europe. In 2024, Champs will continue to meet the demand for an independent workforce, helping organizations enhance productivity and provide exceptional consumer experiences.

CHAMPS Targets 50,000 Champers in 2024

Mahir Tüzün noted that Champs has connected over 18,000 employees with more than 50 brands in the last three years. "The gig economy model is crucial for both employees and employers. In 2023, we reached 17,500 talents and aim to grow to 50,000 by 2024. Currently, 67 percent of our users are women, and 37 percent are men, primarily aged between 22-35. Approximately 5 percent of our users are based abroad, indicating a shift towards the gig economy among the young population, offering great opportunities for both parties."

Overcoming Language Barriers with Support in 13 Languages

Champs provides support in 13 languages, including English, German, Italian, and Spanish, enabling companies seeking multicultural employees and individuals looking for international work to overcome language barriers. This allows professionals to find work internationally, regardless of country borders, in areas such as call center support, web support, data entry, and social media support. Currently operating in Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, Champs aims to expand its presence to more countries by 2024.

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