CHAMPS Unveils New Brand Identity - Introducing The Flexperience Company

CHAMPS, the one-stop platform that matches companies with customer experience talent from around the world, is thrilled to announce its rebranding to better reflect its vision and values. Welcome to the era of The Flexperience Company, where CHAMPS is building the future of work today.

The Story of CHAMPS: From Türkiye to the World

CHAMPS CX began in Türkiye in 2021 with the vision of seamlessly connecting businesses with skilled global talent to enhance customer experiences and provide talent with maximum work-life balance control. Today, CHAMPS proudly expands its global presence, driven by this core mission.

Why the Rebrand?

CHAMPS’ new look and feel are designed to visualize and represent what the firm stands for today: a people-centric company that positions itself with upbeat, vibrant colors and shapes. The new logo, the Flexicon, is derived from two fingers joined together and expressed in two upward-striving bars, symbolizing the combined strength of clients and talents.

“We’re rebranding with our 'Flexicon' because we have reached a critical point in growing in Türkiye and expanding in Europe,” says Mahir Tüzün, founder and CEO. “It represents our deep commitment to the core of our business: the people. As we engage with more clients and onboard talent from across the globe, it’s crucial that our brand reflects the dynamics and the connectivity that we believe in.”

Flexperience: The Future of Work

CHAMPS is a one-stop platform handling all aspects of talent acquisition and management. CHAMPS flexibly sources, pre-trains, and manages talent, ensuring a seamless, worry-free experience for clients. At the heart of the new brand stands “Flexperience,” a term that combines flexibility and experience. This stands for an approach that saves HR departments time, effort, and money while fulfilling both seasonal and long-term staffing needs, setting CHAMPS apart from traditional platforms that leave clients to manage on their own. For CHAMPS’ talented professionals, “Flexperience” stands for the freedom to work from anywhere, pick and choose their projects, and achieve a perfect work-life balance.

Empowering Both Businesses and Talent

CHAMPS is dedicated to solving the challenges faced by businesses in today's fast-paced world. From managing seasonal demands to providing top-notch customer service, CHAMPS offers adaptable and scalable solutions. Clients benefit from quick reply times, competent and friendly problem-solving, multilingual support, and availability across all customer service channels.

For Champers, the “Flexperience” concept offers the autonomy to choose the brands they like best and work where and when they want. This inclusive setup accommodates all life situations and abilities, allowing freelancers more freedom and flexibility than in any other work arrangement.

People at the Center of Everything

The new brand identity puts people at the forefront. The new website and communication via social media focus on the individuals who make CHAMPS what it is: The clients who are ready to transform their businesses, the clients' customers who expect the best customer journey, and Champers who are excited and committed to delivering excellence. Part of what makes their work for CHAMPS especially rewarding is the CHAMPS Academy, which offers training and continued learning to Champers before and after signing up.

In addition, at CHAMPS itself, an expert international team is devoted to offering personalized consultations and custom solutions with speed, efficiency, and adaptability.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Security

CHAMPS' remote work model also upholds stringent data security protocols while minimizing environmental impact. CHAMPS’ goal is to achieve net-zero status through sustainability initiatives, meticulous measures, and consistent monitoring, demonstrating dedication to planetary stewardship. In addition, this approach helps CHAMPS’ clients reduce their CO2 footprint as well.

Leading the Way in Customer Experience

CHAMPS is not just a company; it's a journey, a vision, and a commitment to people. From ambitious beginnings as a startup in Turkey to an ongoing global expansion, the mission remains the same: to connect businesses with skilled talent worldwide, enhancing customer experiences while empowering individuals to live the lives they want.

“Over the next decade, we aim to become a key leader in the flexible work revolution,” says CEO Mahir Tüzün. “We’re planning to further expand into Europe and beyond. And we are helping our clients develop their own gig economy strategies. We're also focusing on advancing the use of the latest technologies, and we will continue to talk a lot about remote work and the numerous advantages that go with it for our clients as well as our talents around the globe.”

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